Well Hello There 2012

Sorry for the confusion posting this. I forgot to change the year!

I started my new year off with great friends and horses. Pretty much perfect.It snowed like crazy for the first few hours which made for some very exciting snowball fights. There was a great big bonfire, delicious pork sandwiches, and lots and lots of fun. A great way to send 2011 out and welcome in 2012.

So now for 2012. I’m not huge on resolutions, and I set some for my 30th year back on my birthday, but there are a few goals/resolutions I’d like to set for myself this year.

1. First up, a carry over from my 30th year resolutions. In the scrapbooking world, there’s a thing called One Little Word where you pick a word to focus on for the year. Instead of doing that, I decided to pick a verse to focus on all year. 2. Think less, create more, get out of my “box.” I tend to over think things, create rules for myself creatively that I don’t actually want to follow, and I feel like I’m stuck in a rut with my picture taking. So I’m looking to bust out of all that!3. Learn to crochet. I need another hobby like a need a hole in the head but I think it’s good to learn new things. My first goal is to learn to crochet flowers to put on hair clips and scrapbooking pages. If that goes well, the sky’s the limit! Well, maybe I shouldn’t get too carried away but I could learn to make hats…4. Pray more, pray harder, pray with expectation.

Happy New Years to all of you from our house to yours!


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