Ornamental Amazingness

My mom totally outdid herself with the ornaments this year. As I said in an earlier post, she always comes up with the perfect ornament for each of us every year. But this year she pretty much left Justin speechless. As some of you know, beanbags are a pretty big deal around here in the summertime. The boys get together and play almost everyday. It’s quite the neighborhood tradition.This year, Justin and our neighbor/friend worked extra hard to prepare for a tournament. It was their first time playing together in a tournament and they took it very seriously. I’m sure that the fact that guy time while playing bags was what it took to prepare had nothing to do with the seriousness 😉 But all their hard work paid off and they took 1st place out of over 50 teams. Miss America was not as excited as these two when she received her crown. I suppose her crown can’t quite compare to their awesome fish plaque though.See what I mean? So anyways, when Justin opened this ornamentyou can only imagine how excited he was. My stepfather actually made it for him which makes it even more special. Yep, safe to say my mom totally nailed it. And of course my ornament was dead on as well.A pretty good representation of me hanging on the tree if I do say so myself. And it’s so pretty!

It not quite as exciting ornament news, I made some ornaments this year as well. I couldn’t share before Christmas though because I didn’t want to ruin the recipients would have seen them.Sorry the pics are so bad. Not the easiest thing to photograph. I poured gel medium into the bottom and then added glitter to make it look like snow. Then I printed a picture on a transparency so that you can see it from both sides of the ornament (should you try this yourself, make sure you wait till the gel medium dries or the picture will “melt.” Learned that one the hard way). I just rolled the transparency up and when it was almost in I grabbed the top with a tweezers so that I could move it around. Then I added some rubons to the outside of the ornament. I really love how they turned out but they were definitely a labor of love. Not the easiest project I’ve ever attempted and there were lots of “shoot!” and “oh nos!” coming from the craft room. But I think they were worth it!


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