Iphone Love

I am LOVING my new iphone. Seriously. And of course my favorite part is the camera. It’s just too much fun for me to have a camera in my pocket all the time. Add in the fact that I can edit the pictures right there on my phone with all kinds of apps and you have my very definition of bliss. I’m hopelessly addicted to Instagram, which I played with a little on Justin’s iphone but now that I have my own it’s a whole new level (if anyone else is one there and would like to follow me and my fascinating feed 😉 my name on there is jackiep1102). Here are a few of the pictures I took yesterday with it on our walk (it was 50 degrees!!!).Add in the fact that ios5, with icloud, allows me to set up all my devices so that my pictures are on each device as well as my computer and I am about as happy as one girl can get with a company. I can take pictures with my phone, edit them on my phone or my ipad, then print them from my computer. It’s amazing. Oh how I love Apple. So so much.

And some photobooth strips because they are just too much fun (and needed to go in my December Daily book!).I realized last night that I have a photobooth that adds bokeh to the pictures so you know I’m going to have to try that out as soon as possible. Oh yes, this phone is just way too fun. I’m sure there will be lots and lots of post just like this to come!


One thought on “Iphone Love

  1. I got an iPhone about a month ago and I’m in love with it too!!! It is soo nice to have a camera at hand all the time. Plus having a phone and iPod and camera and books and Skype all in the same device. Insane. One day we will no longer need purses. LOL Glad you are loving it, it is a useful thing to get addicted to!

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