Christmas Recap

After an awesome lazy day with the hubs yesterday, I am slowly emerging from the Christmas frenzy. It was a wonderful five days filled with family, fun and love. But it was also exhausting! In the best possible way though. So, picking up where I left off, Thursday was Justin and my Christmas, just the two of us (well, and the animals of course). We started off at the zoo, which was super quiet, just the way I like it. The bears were all snuggled in together for a winter nap. Then we headed home to make dinner together and open gifts. Paris got a few toys and some fresh catnip, which makes her crazy! We love it 🙂Maggie likes to open her own presents and we are only too happy to oblige. So entertaining. After the kids opened their gifts and we finished dinner, Justin and I opened our gifts to each other. Sufficient to say that I got spoiled rotten. He even shopped for new cowboy boots and blingy spur straps for me! Way outside the typical husband expectations if you ask me. I’m a lucky lady, who now happens to have fancy feet when riding my horse 🙂 I’d have to say though that I think my favorite memory from this Christmas was giving Justin the soundbar I got him. I hid it in my closet because the box was huge and would have been a dead giveaway under the tree. I cut out the letters to spell “my closet” and wrapped each one so he had to open each letter and figure out what it spelled (we’re big words with friends fans so it seemed fitting). Then he had to search my closet for it, where I did a great job hiding a huge box in a smallish closet if I do say so myself. We both had so much fun with it and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to give him a gift before. Now however I think I may have created a monster. That thing is loud! I can hear his movies all the way upstairs in my bathroom. What have I done??? 😉

Friday morning I had soliris and then we headed to church for the 6 o’clock service. Our church does Christmas a little untraditionally with services held on the two days before Christmas. Some people find it a little strange but I personally love it. It allows our family to enjoy church without trying to squeeze it in amongst all the Christmas craziness. As you can see, the place was hopping! As usual, the service was amazing and it was such an awesome experience praising God for the gift of his son with so many people. All in all, the four campuses our church has ended up having over 29,000 people. Pretty crazy, huh! I never really planned on being part of a megachurch but Eagle Brook just kind of grew around us and we couldn’t be happier there. If anyone wants to check out the amazing sermon pastor Bob gave about God’s promise to do the impossible, here is the video of the service. The entire “Inked” series was awesome so if you’re looking for some encouraging words to start off the new year, here you go.

We went to church with my sister and her fiance, my mom and her husband, his son and daughter-in-law and their adorable daughter Stella. After the service we all headed to the nearby diner for some shakes and hang out time. We don’t get to see my stepbrother and his family nearly enough so it was great to get some time together.

Afterwards, we went to see “We Bought A Zoo” with my mom and her husband. I was so excited to see it and it totally lived up to my expectations. So adorable!

Christmas Eve started at Justin’s dad’s house where there was lots of wrestling to be done with the kids.Oh how those kids love their Uncle Justin.

Then it was back to our house for Christmas with my family.Once again, I got spoiled 😉 We had lots of good food and fun just hanging out. And just wait till I share the ornaments my mom got Justin and I this year. She really outdid herself this time. Pictures coming soon… And because I am still in such amazement, I have to share that my sister (who is a hair stylist) got Justin and I a new blowdryer. Ours has been dying a slow death. Honestly, I think this blowdryer has changed my life. I had no idea that my hair could dry so fast! What would I do without my sister to guide me in the world of hair… Anyways, I didn’t take a lot of pictures throughout the day, just focused on enjoying the time.

Christmas morning my dad came over and we all had cinnamon rolls for breakfast before heading to Albert Lea for Christmas at my aunt’s house. I scanned a bunch of my old pictures and put them in an album for my dad which turned out to be the perfect gift. My dad’s not big on presents so finding something that really makes him happy and excited is no easy task, but this year I think I nailed it. And it was fun to bring to my aunt’s house and share with everyone. There were pictures of the whole family in there so it was entertaining to look through with everyone. There’s all of us lovely kids packed into the back seat. Good thing we like each other so much. While we were there I got to spend some time getting to know this lovely ladyShe is the newest edition to our family and belongs to my cousin who lives about ten minutes away from me so I am looking forward to some quality babysitting time in my future (now that I know she doesn’t cry too much 😉 ).
So there you have it, our busy but wonderful Christmas. I hope your Christmas was as happy as ours!

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