December Daily Installment 1

First off, I am loving this project. I was so worried I would run out of pictures to take and stories to tell but that has turned out to be completely untrue. And I love that I have all the supplies gathered together so that I can sit on the couch and watch corny Christmas movies while working on it. It just feels so Christmasy to sit by the tree watching Christmas movies, scrapbooking Christmas memories. I am loving it! Anyways, please bear with the not so great pictures. It was super cloudy out so there wasn’t a lot of natural light to work with but I was determined to get the pictures taken so that I could share them!I started with Thanksgiving since it’s the kick off to the holiday season to me.Our Black Friday shopping adventure. A page about our tradition of setting up the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and then watching Elf.The page on the left is about enjoying Christmas movies and the tree while being sick with Maggie. The page on the right is of the lights on the tree. The card in the middle has journaling on the the back about the twinkling lights of Christmas.And last not but not least for today, a page about presents appearing under the tree, and of course Paris protecting them.



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