Oldies but Goodies

I’ve been scanning some old pictures today which means I’ve been looking at some fun, and some disturbing, memories. First with the disturbing. I used to wear pink t-shirts tucked into rolled up zubas. As much as I would like to forget that it ever happened, there is photographic proof so there is just no denying it. Seriously, what was I thinking? And mom, why didn’t you stop me!?!Classy, right?I believe this one offers up proof that my sister was slightly terrified of me from the moment of her birth. Here is proof that, while I may not always be the most patient person in the world, I’ve come a long way. See the burgundy face color? That would be because I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I tore my dresser apart.

Proof that my adventurous, thrill-seeking side got an early start. This pairs nicely with my memories of leaping off of the top of my treehouse, and actual house, onto a rope swing, with my dad’s help of course. Hmmm…. I wonder where that trait came from???

And now just the fun stuff.This is me with my three cousins who I spent a big chunk of my childhood with. This particular picture is of the four of us putting on a nativity play, one of many over the course of our childhood. My two older cousins directed, with the oldest, Heather (the one singing) taking the lead. Jacob and I, being the only boy/girl combo were consistently cast as the couple. We were married several times over the years in the play chapel my Grandpa built and always played Mary and Joseph in our Christmas plays. So many great memories, and epic performances. Obviously.My cousin Jacob and I spent a lot of time in matching outfits. We were born two months apart and our moms were super close so dressing up as twins only made sense I guess. Fun little fact, that little boy became a dad last week 🙂 When did we get so old???And this one is just cute. Love it.And finally, proof that I have been an amazing fisherman since the very beginning.


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