Memories on the Tree

Every year my mom gets each one of us an ornament that reflects a memory from the last year. I don’t know how she does it but she always manages to find the perfect ornament. They are some of my absolute favorites and they always make me smile when I hang them on our tree.This ornament is from the year my sister and I took a dance class together. It was epic, I assure you. I laugh every time I look at this ornament and remember how totally awesome we looked as we busted a move together.Who would have thought you could find a scrapbooking ornament??? I’m pretty sure my mother is the only one that could find that one. I love it!This one is from the year that Justin got his first “real” job, which was at a medical device company. Not exactly the easiest thing to find an ornament for but somehow my mom nailed it. And this one is from the year I learned to cook. It’s adorable!

I love that I have these ornaments to remember all the little and big memories from over the years. They are such a treasure to me and I absolutely love seeing them on our tree. Thanks mom for making sure our tree is loaded with awesome memories!


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