Santa Came Early

Santa came early this year and brought me a brand new iphone! Oh yes, I am a very spoiled, very lucky, very happy girl. I’ve waited a long time to join the modern world with a smart phone but the iphone 4s was well worth the wait. Justin’s bummed out that he couldn’t surprise me with it but he had to activate the phone in order to buy it so I got lucky and started Christmas early. Okay by me! He may have convinced me to let him open a present too… I’m convinced this was all just a ploy to get to open a present on his part. But, I’ll take it 🙂 Anyways, sorry I’ve been a bit absent around here. I’ve been busy with lots of fun Christmas activities. But I’ll be back to share soon! For  now I’ll leave you with a picture taken for my December Daily book and a picture of the book itself. Be back soon!


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