It’s Beginning to Feel Like Christmas

The Christmas feeling has been a tad elusive around here thanks to the warmer than normal weather and complete absence of snow. Us Minnesotans need our snow to get into Christmas gear. It just doesn’t feel like it’s really the holiday season until cars are parked precariously throughout the parking lots because no one can see the lines. So we finally got our first real snow fall yesterday and, while we will all be complaining about the snow in two months, we are quite delighted now.Maggie however is not a fan of the snow. Too cold for her delicate paws you know.

Christmas presents have also begun appearing beneath the Christmas tree.Paris is keeping close watch over all the gifts. She looooooves the Christmas tree.

And today we had a family Christmas outing to see a Christmas play on a paddleboat on the Mississippi in downtown St. Paul. I’ve always looked at the boats from the windows of the Science Museum and thought they would be fun to visit. Turns out I was right. It was a super fun and unique way to celebrate Christmas with the family.Yep, it’s definitely beginning to feel like Christmas around here, and I’m lovin’ it!


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