I am thankful for my amazing husband who somehow manages to become more incredible every passing day. He supports me in every way imaginable, holds me when I cry, makes me laugh more than anyone else. We have so much fun together, and after nine years of marriage, it really does just keep getting better. I am so blessed by the man God has given me to share my life with.

I am thankful for our family. We have a wonderful, close knit family that I feel so blessed by. They are our friends as well as our family and we love spending time together. Far too few people can say that about their families! There have been tough times over the past year, and there are more to come but we have each other and that is a wonderful things. Together, we can get through anything!

I am thankful for my fabulous friends. Whether it’s riding together, Monday night girls night watching our shows and chatting, going out or staying in, or simply emailing up a storm, I am incredibly blessed to have these people in my life. They are there for me, listen when I need to talk, and have been incredibly supportive through the good and the bad. They make my life better, and what better can you say about friends?

I am thankful for my awesome medical team. They work so hard for me and always take the very best care of me. Without my hematologists determination, I may never have received a diagnosis and who knows what would have happened. I could not possibly love my nurses and doctor any more than I do, I actually look forward to my appointments if you can believe it. It makes it so much easier to have people like that taking care of you. I may not like my disease very much, but I love my cancer center friends!

I am thankful for our home. We all love to complain about the falling home values and how upside down we are in our mortgages, but the truth is we love where we’re at. Now of course I wish the value of our house hadn’t plummeted the minute we bought it, but we have plenty of space, we love our neighbors and we adore our comfy cozy house. We may be stuck here for awhile, but we don’t mind because we are incredibly happy right where we are.

I am thankful for our crazy, adorable four legged kids. They bring so much joy and laughter to our lives, I don’t know what we’d do without them. They make our house a home.

I am thankful for my hobbies. Between scrapbooking, riding, photography and reading I can hardly fit it all in. When I “retired,” all the people at my work kept asking what I would do with all my time and thought I would be bored. No way! Especially not with my laundry list of hobbies. They bring me so much joy, offer me a creative outlet, keep my mind fresh, and make my life extra fun! Scrapbooking and photography help me keep my memories alive and bring me extra enjoyment from the little and big things in life. As corny as it may sound, scrapping something allows me to enjoy the memory all over again.

I am thankful for a wonderful year. 2011 has been filled with tears but more laughter, struggles but even more joy. It has been a year filled with growth and love. It has been a wonderful year indeed.


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