Holiday Album

Disclaimer: If you are not a scrapbooker, this post is going to bore you to tears. Just fair warning!

So, I discovered that the best way to get into the holiday spirit and get motivated on Christmas projects was to just dive right in. My pictures are ordered for our Christmas cards and my album is ready to start filling up with holiday memories. Now I am raring to go! I’ve mentioned a few times here that I want to do a December Daily album. It’s a project inspired by Ali Edwards (you can find more info here) where you create an album and document everyday of December. The idea is to include both holiday memories and daily life with the goal of really getting more out of your holiday season while documenting what life looks like throughout the month. My take on it is going to be just a little different. I’m going to start with Thanksgiving and maybe go through New Years Eve. To me, Thanksgiving is the kick off of the holiday season and we do lots of Christmas stuff that weekend so I feel the book would really be missing something if I left that out. I am going to do my best to document something from each day but I’m not going to worry too much if I miss a day or two here and there. Let’s face it, not everyday is that interesting. I am going to take lots of pictures when I have good lighting of decorations and ornaments that I want to document and I will use those on days that I don’t have anything else for. So, for the album itself I decided to finally use the binder mechanism that I have been hoarding saving from a few years ago when the old book binders were trendy. I made lots of these as gifts for others but never made one for myself so I thought this was the perfect project to finally make myself one! I’ve made some pages so far but I’ve kept it pretty simple. I know that I will have a hard time if I really make pre-made pages so I decided to just make some slightly decorated pages and a few pages that won’t have any pictures. My plan is really going to be to just throw stuff in there as I go. The pages that I have made are in no particular order so I’ll just pull from them as I go. Sometimes it’ll just be a picture, sometimes several little pictures, some journaling, some collected stuff from daily life, etc. I have a little rubbermaid and a paperholder filled with all my Christmas stuff so it’s all just ready for me to grab what I want. Having it all in one place makes it so much easier! Plus, looking at all my holiday scrapbooking goodies has me super excited to get started! I cut up these baseball card holders and put some fun stuff in them, then I’ll add pictures to them on days that I have more than one picture that I want to include.I made a page out of a paper bag that I plan to slip a long journal entry into.I used my slice to cut out a bunch of shapes from the book pages that I tore out of the book, then misted them to give them some fun color. I feel like this is a fun way to add some continuity to the book since I’ll be using all kinds of different lines of scrapbooking goodies. This will help tie it all together (or at least so I hope!). So there you have it. I may add a few more things here and there before Thursday, and I’m planning to cut out some numbers from brown and turquoise cardstock with my slice, but it’s pretty much just waiting for the goodies to start piling in. I’ve wanted to do this project for so long but I always put if off thinking I should wait till we have a kid. Now that my book is ready to go, I am feeling super excited to document our life just the two of us. It’s been a bit therapeutic for me I think, a kind of letting go of what I thought my holidays needed to look like and just embracing the amazing life we have.


7 thoughts on “Holiday Album

  1. Oh my goodness…this is so super cute! You will NOT force me to make one as well lol. I love love love the book binding! I’ve never seen that idea before…can you share how you made it? It instantly made me think of scrapbooking a cook book with family favorites and using an old Julia Childs book as the casing (not that I want to tear up any of her books though). Blah, blah, blah…sorry…back on track…therapeutic indeed, it’s done the same for me!

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