Around the House

I’m getting ready to host Thanksgiving next week (more on that later) so I’m finally getting around to that perpetually put off list of cleaning projects that it seems require a holiday to actually get done. I’m not a crazy holiday hoster, you know the ones, “honey, we need to remodel the house, my parents are coming over for Thanksgiving.” But I do like to take advantage of the extra push to get some of those things done around the house that I otherwise procrastinate on. First up on my list was touch-up paint. This one is completed and has led to a number of realizations on my part.

1. People are obviously hosting wrestling tournaments in my house. It is the only plausible explanation for all the dents in my walls. Seriously, there are two adults living in this house. Where are these dents coming from?

2. I really want to paint my house again. I know that seems a little crazy since I painted everything 3 years ago but I love a freshly painted house! And I’m kind of ready for a new color, a little less peachy, a little more mocha. It’s a giant undertaking though so I think I’ll just think about it for now…

3. You can kind of tell where I did the touch-up paint which bugs me but I figure it’s better than looking at black scuffs, right? And I don’t care what the magic eraser commercials say, those stupid marks on the paint do not come out, just turn into black smudges. So the logical thing to do would just be repaint everything, right???

4. Doing touch-up paint means I finally got all those little spots that I missed when I painted. You know the ones, they don’t show up till the paint is dried and everything is cleaned up and put away. Then they just taunt you forever, driving you nuts but not quite nuts enough to break out the paint and brush? No? Ok, well, that’s what mine do. Until now. I win.

5. I really want to paint my house…

Next up on my list is to clean and oil the cabinets. I try to do this every 6 months or so. Since I typically host Thanksgiving and Easter, they serve as a good excuse to get it done. Pretty, shiny cabinets, oh the joy… And last but not least on my list is clean all the doors in the house. They have these squares on them that catch dust which drives me crazy, although I never actually do anything about it. It seems my house just likes to taunt me… All this is of course accompanied by a good house cleaning, which I do every two weeks anyways. Bonus for me though, our vacuum cleaner broke last week so we had to get a new one. Bummer for the wallet but score for me since J loves playing with new vacuums so I get out of it for few weeks. That’s right, winning. Anywhoo, that’s what’s happening ’round here this week. Still can’t quite believe Thanksgiving is next week but it’s coming whether I believe it or not so I suppose I’d better get prepared.



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