Slicin’ it Up

This one’s for the scrappers out there. I am a big fan of the Making Memories Slice. I bought the first one right when it came out and I recently upgraded to the Elite model. Sometimes I feel like I kind of forget to use it though cause I’m always reaching for my ready to go embellishments. When I bought the October Afternoon flower sack, I was in love, but I also realized that they were all shapes that I could cut out with my slice. For some reason though, it just never strikes me that the perfect final touch for the page is something I could just cut out, so instead I’m digging for it through my box of goodies. So, I went to Archivers and picked up a 6×6 paper pad, which is perfect for cutting out shapes because the pattern is smaller. Then I started cutting away like a mad woman and filled up a baggie with pieces all ready to go, just like the flower sack, but significantly cheaper since I’m getting tons of pieces from ever piece of paper in the pad. Here’s what I’ve cut out so far and I haven’t even used one sheet of each pattern yet and there are two of each so I’ve got a ways to go.I’m really loving having these all ready to go when I’m looking for that something extra for my page. I’m planning on doing this with some Christmas paper for my December Daily album as well. I think it will be really helpful to me having them all ready to go like this. So, that’s it. Just wanted to share the fun I’m having with my slice! That poor thing is working like a dog around here now!


3 thoughts on “Slicin’ it Up

    • Oh you must get one. It’s amazing. How’s that for peer pressure. But seriously, it’s pretty awesome. In the meantime though I’d be happy to slice some paper up for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I’m going to have to go check one out for sure. I can’t get over how adorable these cut-outs are! Surely I’d scrapbook more if I had one right? lol

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