Current Randomness

1. Last night I cooked up a storm. It was spectacular. Homemade spaghetti and meatballs with cheesy bread, yogurt, and these pumpkin cookies with cinnamon icing. Everything was delicious, especially the cookies. The icing was perfect, took pumpkin cookies to a whole new level. My stomach was very happy, and will continue to be thanks to the leftovers.

2. I love the Halloween episodes of my shows. I’m not a huge Halloween person. This year I have two Halloween parties to attend and am wearing more of a costume than I have worn in years, a badge that says “Louis Lane” (to match J’s Clark Kent get-up). So yeah, I don’t get into the holiday too much. But I do love the shows. They’re always so fun and hilarious, especially Big Bang this year. Ahhhh Sheldon, you crack me up.

3. I’ve decided I’m going to make my thanksgiving book. A fellow blogger friend said I inspired her to make one which pushed me over the indecisive ledge. I’m going to put it together this weekend.

4. J and I have full two days this weekend without any plans and I could not be more excited. I’m sure I’m starting to sound like a hermit to you all but I assure you, time at home has been a rare and precious thing as of late. I’m so looking forward to doing some scrapbooking, riding, cooking, long walks with the pup, and being snuggled up with my loves at home.

5. And lastly, here are the rest of my recent scrapbooking layouts I wanted to share. Some of them didn’t photograph very well. I am convinced I will never figure out how to make them look right.


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