Updates From the Scrap Department

1. Last week, my favorite scrapbooking line, October Afternoon, had a warehouse sale and they just so happen to be located less than an hour away from me. So I off I went, with my sister in tow to be my trusty box holder as I chucked all kinds of goodies at her. The only thing I love more than scrapbook shopping is bargain scrapbook shopping. I was in heaven. I got packs of 12 sticker sheets for $2 which retail for $2.49 for 1. Having multiples is also incredibly good for my scrapbook hoarding issues. It’s a common illness many of us scrapbookers live with, the eternal fear of using up our supplies because… Well, I’m not actually sure why we’re afraid of using them up. We all know we’re going want the latest and greatest goodies when they come out. Yet I live in a state of constant angst fearing my stocks will never be replenished. It’s absurd. I have issues, as I think is becoming clear on here. Anyways… I spent about forty bucks and came home with well over $500 worth of awesome scrapbooking goodness. It was amazing.

2. I am debating making a blessing mini-book for Thanksgiving. Basically, I’m thinking of taking a picture a day in Nov up to Thanksgiving and putting it in the book, along with a little description of why I’m thankful for that. I thought it would be a fun way to really get into the actual thanks-giving aspect of Thanksgiving. My only concern is that I really want to commit to the December Daily project this year and I don’t want to burn myself out before I start that. Maybe it’ll just be a good way to get in that mode… Hmmm… Decisions, decisions.

3. One of J and my favorite ways to spend a quiet Sunday evening is with me scrapbooking in the living room while he watches movies that I don’t actually want to see (think scarey movies…). We didn’t get the chance to do much of that over the summer because we were just too darn busy but we’ve finally gotten back it and I am loving it. It’s a fun way for me to do what I love with the one that I love.

4. And now for some scrappy shares. I did not enjoy my time in Grand Forks last week, to say the least. We got stuck in a less than stellar hotel which really takes the fun out of things. But I did get some scrapbooking done and made some pages that I really love.“My New Toy” Obviously I had to scrap about my new iPad right away!A page about our little exploration of Al Capone’s old lake house. I printed a picture of Capone that I found online. Bet he would have been surprised to learn he ended up in somebody’s scrapbook. Ha!That’s all for now. I’ll be back with more later, along with my Thanksgiving mini I’m sure.


2 thoughts on “Updates From the Scrap Department

  1. I love love love your “blessings” idea and I’m pretty darn sure that I’m gonna steal it and be a copy cat. Sorry! hahaha You’ve inspired me to break out my scrapbook stuff and get rolling. I still have yet to even finish my wedding album for pete’s sake!

    • Yay! I love it! Scrapbooking is the best 🙂 And I love having people to share it with! I’m gonna make my book this weekend and share it. Then you have to share yours too!

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