iPhone Fun in Duluth


We took Maggie to the most beautiful bathroom in Minnesota Wed morning and it was absolutely the most perfect fall morning. Just a touch of fog over the lake which was so pretty. I love that Lake Superior feels a little like being by the ocean. I love the ocean so much but I don’t get to stand on it’s shores nearly enough living in MN and all. So instead I stand next to Superior and pretend.Duluth makes us both smile đŸ™‚The most beautiful fall colors I have ever seen. I picked a few leaves off an am hoping I can preserve the colors somehow.Last time we were in Duluth, we discovered this amazing little Italian restaurant called Va Bene. The kitchen is out in the open with one cook making all the food. Super cool!They have the best patio ever looking over Lake Superior. Half of it is glass enclosed so we can even enjoy it when it’s cold out! So looking forward to eating out there when it’s snowing.And this bread??? Dangerously delicious. Every time J and I eat there we wonder how all Italians aren’t morbidly obese. The food is so good but not so good for you… But soooooo good.It was another super fun workacation in Duluth. Love that we get to visit one of our favorite places so frequently through J’s job. Such a blessing!


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