30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 26-29

Day 26: Something Old. But in the case of this subject, we’ll go with something older but young at heart. We bought Paris at the Humane Society 8 years ago and they said she was 9 at the time. I’m not entirely sure how accurate that was but we assume that it was correct and that she is 17 now. But she doesn’t act a day over 1. She runs around like crazy on a very regular basis and has been know to startle our guests with the thunderous sound of her charging back and forth upstairs. We love our “old kitten” with all our hearts!Day 27: After Dark. Justin and I love to go for night walks, both at home and on vacations. It’s one of our favorite parts of summer so I wanted to get some kind of picture to represent that. This one’s not great but I think it serves the purpose. I would also like to point out my awesome new pants in this picture. Polar fleece pants that are actually long on me. It’s a miracle!!! Thank you Target 🙂

Day 28: Daily Routine. Almost every morning I start my day off with a bowl of cereal, a cup of orange juice, my newspaper, and Paris, patiently waiting for my cereal bow.Day 29: Something Purchased. Groceries, finally! The thing about being out of town a lot is that the whole grocery shopping thing gets a little tricky. You don’t want to stock up cause you won’t be home to eat things but you do still need to have food for when you are home. It can get a bit hairy at times. Only 1 more day left of my photo challenge! Then I’ll finish up my book and share.


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