Herb Garden


I was not exactly blessed with a green thumb. But I have been blessed with a streak of stubbornness that forces allows me to keep trying at something that I seem to have little natural knack for. Which brings me to my latest attempt at growing some form of plant life; a window herb garden. My dad brought me some herbs from his garden (he failed to hand down his agricultural abilities I’m afraid), and once again, I decided “challenge accepted.” So off to Menards I went to pick up some pots, chalkboard paint, and soil. I spray painted my little heart out (the one part of this project that was sure to be successful) so I now have 5 “chalkboard pots” that I can write the herb name on. I’m hoping that by adding a bit of craftiness to this project I will increase my chances of success. So here they are!

I have thyme, basil, oregano, sage and parsley. If things go well, I’m thinking about adding cilantro. But lets not get too carried away yet…


One thought on “Herb Garden

  1. Your a lucky girl getting plants “in progress”. I finally planted my basil (with seeds).
    Now if I don’t drown them or starve them I may have the beginnings of a herb garden too!!!

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