Catching Up

It’s amazing how quickly this little blog has become a part of my daily life. I’ve been away for 2 days but I feel like I’ve been away forever! Anyways, time to catch up. First up, the 30 Day Photo Challenge. Day 18: In My Bag.  This one was kind of fun as a snapshot of my daily life. Not so great from a photography standpoint but it definitely shows my habits. First off, let me just say that I love my purse and wallet. LOVE. And I’m not a purse and wallet kind of gal so that’s saying a lot. As for in my purse, you will find chapstick, gauze and bandaids (with platelets as low as mine, one never knows when a leak will sprout and refuse to stop), sunblock (I did have melanoma this year…), a notebook and pen, kleenex, a bottle of headache pills (I get them regularly unfortunately), and a little pouch I sewed that holds my earbuds for my ipod and phone. Oh the randomness.

Day 19: Where I SleptCould a picture of where I slept ever be complete without the munchkin? I think not.

Day 20: What I ReadI’m just starting Bossypants but so far I have to say it is hilarious!!! I love Tina Fey’s sense of humor.

Day 21: Pretty PatternI know it’s not really a pattern, but to be honest I wasn’t terribly sure what to do with this one.

Day 22: TreesThe trees are just starting to change colors around here.

And here are a few extra pictures I took while out and about looking for photos for the challenge.I swear he was posing.My favorite photo subject 🙂

And now for some daily life updates:

* My horse got kicked on Sunday and is now on the disabled list, right in time to miss out on the big last of the year horse show. I’m pretty bummed out to be missing it but my biggest concern is for her to recover quickly. The injury is actually one that she got over the summer, didn’t properly heal, and then got reinjured. It’s deep and near a joint so we are taking extra special care of it! This means more playing vet, administering meds, and flushing out the wound. The tough side of horse ownership. But it’s well worth it!

* Fall arrived in Minnesota last Wed. We went from 90 degrees on Sunday to widespread freezing on Wed. Doesn’t matter that I’ve lived in this state my whole life, I will never get used to these crazy weather changes! We have had some lovely fall days though which have been divine.

*After taking a cooking hiatus for the summer (J does most of the summer cooking on the grill) I returned to the kitchen yesterday. It felt marvelous. I made a big birthday meal for a friend’s birthday, complete with my secret family recipe chocolate cake. K, it’s not totally a secret but it is pretty special.This is how a paper crafter with absolutely zero cake decorating skills makes a birthday cake.

* I am still feeling super tired. I guess I’m just having a PNH week or two. I am lucky in that I don’t feel the effects of the disease very often. Weeks like this make me really appreciate how much other people are going through and how fortunate I am. This is not my normal and I am able to sleep as much as I need to for the most part. That is a lot more than many PNH patients can say and so I count my blessings.

* I am thoroughly enjoying the return of my shows and the arrival of some new shows I think I am going to love. Season premiers are a lot like the first day back at school. I always feel like I’m reconnecting with old friends. Yes, I am a dork. We’ve established this already. Some of my favorites include How I Met Your Mother, Parenthood, Raising Hope, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory and Parks & Recreation. The jury’s still out on Greys. Wasn’t loving it too much last year. As for new shows, I’m thinking 2 Broke Girls, Up all Night, The New Girl, and Terra Nova will be joining the list. I know it sounds like all I do is watch tv but in my defense, we have a dvr so there’s no commercials, and J and I love to snuggle up on the couch at the end of the day and watch a little tv to unwind together. Having good shows means we aren’t visiting the redbox everyday.

* I am working on figuring out the right way to resize my photos so they aren’t huge on here or blurry. It might take me a bit to get it right so bear with me!

Well, I suppose that’s enough rambling for one post! I’m out!


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