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One of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie Howell, issued a challenge to blog what’s on your heart today.In the words of Barney Stinson, challenge accepted. So here is what’s on my heart right now.

Right now I am struggling. I don’t know if it’s the new pill that I started this month or just the months of stress over my health finally taking it’s toll, but something has taken the wind out of my sails. I’ve felt disconnected and rundown for the last few weeks, not exactly my favorite way to feel. I’m hoping things get back to normal soon, and that if it is the pill that my body will adjust quickly.

Right now I am feeling more amazed by my husband than normal, if that is even possible. He is so incredibly supportive and takes such good care of me, whether it be the massage he surprised me with (along with his insistence I get one once a month) or the dinner he makes me because he notices I’m not feeling 100%. I don’t know how I would make it through everything without him. He makes me feel so loved everyday and he makes the struggles I face with my health so much easier to handle.

Right now I am feeling challenged by a couple books I am reading (more on them later). They are making me think a lot about the nature of God, grace, and what that all means in regards to who I am supposed to be. I am feeling challenged to be a more loving person, someone who is filled with the fruits of the spirit. I really love it when I find books that challenge me like these do.

Right now I am riding a lot and working really hard to prepare for the big end of the year horse show. I’m excited and looking forward to it because it’s always a lot of fun, but I’m also feeling a bit of pressure that I am putting on myself. I did well last year so I am feeling pressure to do better this year. The show arena is a place that I love but don’t feel very comfortable in so there are a little bit of nerves that lead up to this kind of event. I am however really excited about the progress that Lily has been making. Regardless of how we do in the show, I am very proud of her.

Right now I am feeling a little bit creatively challenged. These days my creativity seems to ebb and flow. I’m a bit of a bipolar scrapbooker. Right now I’m on the down swing. Always irritating to me because I really want to scrapbook and it frustrates me when the creativity just doesn’t come.

Right now I am feeling excited for fall. It’s always sad to see summer end but I love the crisp weather and everything that goes with it. Fall cooking is my favorite and I’m looking forward to the smell of pumpkin bread filling the house. I love my house but being snuggled up in it in the fall always makes me love it even more. I’m hoping fall will bring a slowdown as well. The last month and a half has been really busy and I’m so ready for a slower pace and some time to just be at home with J. I am however in no way prepared for the really cold weather that is so quick to follow the beautiful days of early fall. I’m already preparing to add a new pair of carharts to my wardrobe this year.

Right now I am thinking about turning 30 in a couple weeks. I’m excited because my birthday is always accompanied by a royal spoiling from J. And it includes a shopping trip with my mom which is something I always look forward too, especially since I haven’t been shopping in forever! Yes, I’m a bit spoiled. But I’m also thinking about what I want the next year to look like and goals or projects that I would like to incorporate into it. I really want to continue to grow in my scrapbooking and photography so I would like to come up with some personal challenges to help me do that this year.

So that’s where I’m at right now. Life is constantly changing and is not without it’s challenges, but it is good. So good.


3 thoughts on “Blog Your Heart

  1. I don’t know you, but I adore you. I love the honesty in your writing. You are constantly trying to be a better person, and I think it’s so hard because you are already so good. You have handled your illness very bravely. You appreciate so many of the little things most people take for granted. Hang in there. Some miracles take time.

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