Serenity Prayer

Most of us associate this prayer with addiction recovery, but by doing so I think we miss out on appreciating what a beautiful prayer it is, one that can help anyone through life, whether that life includes an addiction or not. Accepting the things that we can’t change can be one of the most difficult parts of life. From the traffic jam you’re stuck in to the disease you or a loved one is diagnosed with, there is so much in life that we can’t change, and it can be so easy to be overwhelmed by it. Bitterness and anger can be our first response without our even realizing it. But if we can accept these things, if we can “accept hardships as the pathway to peace”, how much better will our lives be? To respond with acceptance instead of anger and resentment, to be filled with peace instead of turmoil, to grow instead of wither away. That is the beauty of this prayer. This is my prayer for my life with PNH, as well as with every other aspect of my life. That I can accept the things that I cannot change, that I can grow through them, that I am filled with God’s peace and wisdom throughout this journey.


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