Life as a Lumberjack

This past week I have spent the majority of my free time helping my dad cut down dead oak trees in my mom’s yard. Essentially, I have spent several days in what looks like a natural disaster, or a freshly cleaned up natural disaster, followed by another disaster, as the cycle continues on and on with each of the trees. Seriously, I will never look at trees the same way again. From here on out, I will look up at trees and try to figure out which way they are going to fall. And then consider the mess they will make when they do. Dead trees are a lot of work. I climbed 20+ feet up into the trees, drove the get-away car that pulled the tree down, and hauled lots and lots of wood. Like I said, lots and lots of work. But they’re also pretty fun too, if I do say so myself. The way the earth beneath your feet moves when they hit the ground is really a pretty cool experience, unless of course the tree is falling on top of you. One tree in particular created some problems for us. It was incredibly large, and had us worried that it could possibly fall towards the house. Less than ideal. My brother manned the chainsaw and my dad drove the getaway car, which was connected to a cable that was tied to the tree. Come to think of it, perhaps “Redneck Tree Removal” would have been a more appropriate post title. Anyways, after threatening to fall on the truck before my dad could get in it and take off, the tree ended up falling into another tree, not exactly what we had hoped for, but at least it didn’t hit the house.We quickly realized that it had cracked another tree’s trunk in the process however and that was coming down too. My mom and I sat in chairs and watched as the boys worked on tree number 1 with the bobcat, wondering which way tree number 2 was going to fall. Until it started to fall towards us. Quickly. We leapt from our chairs and raced to safety as the tree came down right next to where we had been sitting, and into our fire. We are nothing if not efficient. I will never forget watching my mother run for her life as the tree was coming down behind her. It was like a scene from the movie 2012. We laughed till we cried, after we were safe and saved the chicken that was cooking on the fire of course. Like I said, I spent the week in a disaster zone. But it was a lot more fun than you’d ever expect falling trees to be.


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