First Day of School

In honor of the first day of school around here, I present you with this glorious picture of my first day of kindergartenIsn’t my outfit so amazingly 80’s? Bright colors. Suspenders. Dinosaurs (an obsession of mine at the time). I can still remember how excited I was to start school, just so I could wear my new outfit. It was spectacular. These days, the first day of school doesn’t mark a change in my own life. But it always sparks a wave of nostalgia. Oh how I miss back to school shopping. New pencils, cool pens, crisp white notebooks. A dream come true for a nerd like me. I even miss the excitement I would feel when I received a syllabus for a new college class. I would consume the syllabus and be totally excited for all of the things we were going to read and even start looking forward to the papers I was going to write. Like I said, I am a total nerd. I’m ok with it. Yep, definitely miss college. Until I remember the 1000+ pages of reading per week, some of those pages being from books that I definitely did not enjoy reading (hello Middlmarch), never having any spare time because I was always too busy reading and writing papers… Ok, guess I’m alright with just reading books of my own choosing and buying scrapbooking supplies instead of back to school supplies.


One thought on “First Day of School

  1. I too miss the thrill of buying new school supplies. I loved school and do miss college, well parts of it. You were a cute kindergartner : )

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