30 Day Photo Challenge: 8&9

I took a little vacation from this project while up north but I am back in business now. Day 8 was technology so I took a picture of my laptop with my blog up since that is a new way that technology is impacting my life right now.Day 9 was faceless self portrait. I knew right away that I wanted this picture to focus on my scar from the melanoma surgery I had in April. I feel like it is a perfect portrait of who I am and what I am going through at this point in my life. Getting the picture right took quite a few tries since it’s a little tricky to get everything right when you’re not actually behind the camera but in front of it with a remote. It took several shots but I am definitely happy with how it turned out. It may seem like a kind of morbid shot but I really love it. It’s my battle scar and it has made me stronger. I’m glad I have a picture relaying that now.


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