Sending off Summer 2011

We are back from a 3 day weekend up North at my brother’s cabin. It was lots of fun but a very rude reminder that summer is over. It was so cold!!! And windy! But we enjoyed ourselves none the less. Hard not to enjoy yourself when you wake up to this view.Saturday we spent the day hiding out from the wind behind the cabin entertaining ourselves the old fashioned way. There was extreme cabin croquet (an exhilarating mini-golf/croquet hybrid), some baseball, lots and lots of beanbags, along with an assortment of other forms of entertainment. We were like kids forced outside by our mothers told to find something to do, except for the fact that it was a self-imposed exile to the outdoors. I was pretty proud of us resisting the temptations of cable tv and wifi.Sunday was even colder and still super windy but we headed out in the boat, cause we’re hardcore like that. It was an adventure, without a doubt, and I was pretty sure we were going to capsize but we made it all the way over to the resort just in time for it to start pouring on us. So, we hid under the tent at the resort till the sun returned and then headed out on our adventure again. Next up was a stop on the island to visit the goats, one of which decided to hop up on our boat. All of the goats were scared of Maggie and hopped up on the table for safety.We had a second nighttime boat ride as well that was soooo cold but included a fun dinner at the resort and finally a little fishing. I’ve gotta say, I was not ready to see my breath!!! Where did the summer go??? Anyways, the weekend was lots of fun with great friends, old and new. It was a great send off to a great summer. Summer 2011, you will be missed.


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