Updates from the Craft Room

I’ve finished a few layouts over the last few days and started a couple new projects. Finding time to be crafty gets tough in the summer but the pictures pile up. Lots of good stuff to keep me busy all fall 🙂 I bought Amy Tan’s class, Get Those Creative Juices Flowing, at Big Picture and it has done just that 🙂 I loved the mini-book she features in the class and I really wanted to make one so I decided it would be the perfect place to put the pictures from the 30 Day Photo Challenge that I’ve been wanting to do. (This is from Amy Tangerine too). I started the challenge today but I am not going to be crazy strict on making sure I do it everyday since I have a busy couple weeks ahead. I didn’t want to wait to start it so I figured the only pressure is the pressure I put on myself so I can do it whenever I can if I say so 🙂 I ended up with two pictures for the self portrait, although I have to say it is incredibly hard to take pictures of yourself that you actually like! Not exactly easy to get the right angle while in front of the tripod. I know this one isn’t really a self portrait but I really love it and it is such an accurate portrayal of me right now; enjoying time outside on my swing, reading, my little sidekick next to me. Love it.

Here’s the book I made for it.Such a cool mini-book idea. Lots of different papers and sizes, all bound with stitching. Amy Tan has started me on an embroidery thread obsession. I went and stocked up on all kinds of yummy colors today. Seems like I may have and Amy Tan obsession too… Anyways, I like that it’s kind of messy which I love in scrapbooking but have a hard time doing myself. I’m going to really try to not be a perfectionist with this book and let myself get a little messy. We’ll see how that goes… I’ll be sure to share photos as I add to it. I think this is the format I’ll use when I finally do the week in the life project (a project started by Ali Edwards where you document one week with collected stuff, pictures, and journaling) that I’ve wanted to do forever but never really knew how I wanted to do it. Now I’m waiting till I get my Iphone since it will be fun using that for pictures and will ensure that I always have a camera on me. Plus, it just seems so much easier and less obvious to snap a picture in public with a phone than actually pulling out the camera. You’d think after all the years I’ve spent behind a camera I wouldn’t be shy about it. You would think… So hopefully I’ll be snapping away after my birthday (hint, hint to the hubby 😉 ).

And here are a few layouts I’ve done over the last couple days along with my new method for incorporating lots of pictures into my scrapbook, 4×6 photo pages. I’m really liking them for things like vacations where I take a ton of pictures that I want to have printed but don’t necessarily want to scrapbook them all.ll.


2 thoughts on “Updates from the Craft Room

  1. You have the best attitude! I feel better when I start the day reading your journal. The 30 days of photos is a good idea. I have had writer’s block since last March when I was diagnosed with PNH. Each time I read your blog I get closer to writing again. I love all of your photos too!

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