Date Night: Wednesday Edition

One of the benefits to life without kids is that you can pick up and head out on a date whenever you feel like it. This week, that meant a date night on a Wednesday night to see the King Tut exhibit at the Science Museum.I have been wanting to see this exhibit since I heard it was in Chicago a few years ago and I was so excited when I heard it was coming here. And it was just as awesome as I knew it would be. It is so cool to see all of those amazing artifacts from so many thousands of years ago. And the Imax movie that was there about the tomb filled with 12 pharaohs’ mummies was pretty great too. A pretty cool way to see the amazing places in Egypt while stuck in the middle of North America. Now I’m itching to go visit Egypt. Have I mentioned that another benefit to not having kids is you can pick up and travel whenever you feel like it… Yep, a trip to Egypt is definitely in the plans for the next few years. Anywho… Of course we had to spend some time with the dinosaurs while at the museum. We have not outgrown our childhood love of those incredible creatures in the least bit and it just never gets old looking at those giant skeletons.Sorry the pictures aren’t too great. Bad lighting with the iphone camera isn’t exactly an ideal picture taking scenario. After we left the museum, we wandered around downtown St. Paul for a bit enjoying the gorgeous night (not a lot of those left so we’ve gotta live it up while we can!) and then had dinner on a patio. It was a lovely Wednesday date night indeed.


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