I Want to Remember…

Some of the things that I want to remember from the last weekend…

1. The soundtrack that accompanied the reeling in of this monster.Us girls were sitting around the bonfire while the boys were fishing off the dock when J caught this big boy. We couldn’t see anything that was going on, and neither could the boys for that matter, so we just listened to the boys squealing and screaming as they worked their butts off to reel this guy in and get him unstuck. It sounded a bit like 3 tweens at a Beiber concert. My favorite lines were Alex, getting into the paddleboat to pick up the boys and go rescue the fish from the logs it was stuck in saying, “This thing doesn’t steer to the left” followed a minute later by “This thing doesn’t steer to the right.” And J finally getting the fish into the net yelling “I can’t believe I got it! I can’t believe I got it! He’s HUGE!!!”. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t see what was going on, I could hear the excitement and joy in his voice and it made my heart happy. No one deserved a monster fish more than him this summer.

2. Slowing down and just enjoying our beautiful surroundings. Sometimes it just feels amazing to sit in silence and really open your eyes. It doesn’t hurt to have a camera near by either.

3. Justin waking me up to share the turtle he just caught with me. That is love my friends. A husband who knows how much I love animals and goes out of his way to make sure I enjoy them as much as possible.On a related note, how adorable is this turtle??? Just chillin’ with his shell resting on the log with his feet stretched out as much as far as possible.

5. Spending time with my dad. Enjoying the relationship that has grown between him and J, something that means the world to me. Watching my dad spoil Maggie rotten, which included him making her a piece of bacon when he thought she was mad she didn’t get any of his kabobs. My sister asked him if he was going to fry her a piece and he said no like she was crazy for even thinking it, then added that he was going to microwave it. Yep, spoiled. Rotten. Also, waking up to the smell of his pancakes every morning. A wonderful way to wake up, and something that I love very much about our family get-togethers. As a kid I would always wake up to the same smell coming from my grandfather cooking pancakes for us. Now a days it’s my dad doing the cooking, a tradition that I treasure dearly.

6. The silent companionship as we all sat on the boat and fished. It wasn’t always silent, but every once and awhile everybody would stop talking and we were all just there, together, enjoying life. It was so peaceful.

I might add at this point that I spent a considerable amount of time watching this bobber do absolutely nothing. Not even a bite the entire trip. But that was just fine with me. I had plenty of fun without the fish, and it gave me more time to catch some great shots on my camera 😉7. Spending time with family on vacation. There is just a closeness you achieve when sleeping, eating, cooking, fishing, and doing just about everything else together that you don’t get any other way. It’s something that we don’t do nearly enough but I am always so glad when we do.

8. Watching Maggie be blissed out all weekend doing her most favorite things in all the world surrounded by her favorite people (as you may guess, she LOVES my dad, and Uncle Alex is another major favorite in the world of Maggie). Nothing makes that dog happier than fishing, boating, frog hunting, and eating lots of bacon from Grandpa

For those of you wondering if I think I’m Paris Hilton putting a life jacket on my dog, let me assure you that it is only because this dog can’t swim. At all. Sinks straight to the bottom.

9. Sneaking into property formerly owned by Al Capone and exploring his fish house and the foundation that was once his house. By the way, it’s not trespassing if you don’t technically see the sign, right???

Can I just say that I love this picture??? Love. Maggie looks so serious, like we really are about to take off in this boat. The boat was pretty sweet though, even if it didn’t have a bottom. We’ll call it “vintage.”

We may have watched a few too many gangster movies but we were pretty sure this little concrete barrel is the kind of apparatus used when the big burly guy says, “Tonight, you sleep with the fishes.” That’s what we’d like to think anyways…

10. S’mores and chatting around the fire. Can’t get any more summer than that.


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