Practical Applications of Low Platelets

Low platelets, something I deal with due to my disease, can cause some potentially serious complications to a persons life. But for the most part it is simply a list of warnings and a number I watch when I get my labs printed out. However, there are some more practical day to day applications.

1. You can typically find evidence of my complete lack of coordination somewhere on my legs and/or arms. I am ashamed to admit there has even been evidence on my stomach a time or two. How one manages to run into things with their stomach I may never know, but apparently I do.

2. When my horse is being naughty and spending some time up in the air with me on her back (rarely happens but when it does…), time slows and I begin to consider the ramifications of platelets running around 30,000 and my horse falling over on me. Then I begin to think about how mad my doctor is going to be at me. Apparently I have a lot of time to think while my horse threatens to topple over on me.

3. I carry bandaids and occasionally gauze in my purse, because, well you just never know when the random paper clip may occur, and when it does, it is going to bleed forever, and a lot.

4. When one is fortunate enough to acquire melanoma that requires a 4 inch excision as I did a few months ago (that’s right, I am nothing if not an odds defying miracle), low platelets make for some epic bruising and scaring. It was truly fascinating, I assure you.

5. Every bruise, no matter how small the offense, is a magnificent array of colors that sticks around for an eternity for maximum enjoyment. My body is a rainbow of blues, greens, purples and yellows.

6. Summer clothing requires a certain aloofness to what people may think. Yes, I may be sporting several colorful bruises, a port and a ridiculous melanoma scar on my leg, but it is hot and I want to wear my cute clothes.

7. Any activity that may be considered high impact must be met with deep consideration, or at least it should be, especially with my previously mentioned complete lack of coordination. I’m not too great at this one but I am sure my first tumble on my snowboard will make me reconsider. Or it may just lead to more phone calls to my sister explaining what exactly the gigantic bruise looks like everyday. Who can tell…

Low platelets are just a part of my life these days. If you can’t laugh at it, what can you do… And so I leave you with something else that makes me laugh, one of my favorite pictures from Pinterest.


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