What a Duluth Workation Looks Like

     As I have said before, my “retirement” allows me to tag along with my hubs on his work trips. Sometimes that means trips to very flat, very boring places (that’s right Bismarck, you heard me) but sometimes it means going to some of our favorite nearby vacation spots. That was the case this week when we got to spend a few days in Duluth (I’d like to take a moment to shout out to the Duluth hospitals and thank them for using lots of J’s products so that I get to visit often). It was the best kind of work trip; J didn’t have to work a ton as he was just checking in with the nurses at different times, the weather was absolutely perfect, and it was in one of our favorite places in the world. So, what does a Duluth workation look like you ask??? Well…

The days start with a walk along the lake so the little one can use the most beautiful bathroom in Minnesota.If we’re lucky, it might include watching a ship come inalso known as the world’s biggest squeaker to MaggieSome mini donuts don’t hurt eitherWorkations also typically include hiking in beautiful placeswhere I get to spend lots of time playing with my cameraand we might get to catch a glimpse of some amazing wildlife.Workations include lots of time as a happy family of 3and I get to spend lots of time with this handsome guyand this adorable girlI get my workout on with lots of walkingalong with lots of relaxing time taking in the beautiful views

We get to enjoy delicious dinners and tasty ice cream treatsAnd at the end of the night, we enjoy a relaxing night walk along the boardwalkand enjoy a few more breathtaking viewsand spend just a little bit more time playing togetherYep, a Duluth workation is wonderful indeed.


2 thoughts on “What a Duluth Workation Looks Like

  1. Being able to enjoy “life” is the best part of of living it. No matter what the struggle may be, being able to see the beauty in life makes the big things seem like small hills or better yet mole hills. I truly enjoy reading all the wonderful beauty you see in the world, yourself and of course
    that hubby!

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