Spa Saint Johns

This is my view every other Friday afternoon (or every Friday for the next few weeks as we add iron infusions and procrit injections to my regimen). When people hear that, they tend to feel bad for me and think that it must be horrible, but it’s actually really quite pleasant. My nurses and I always joke about it being Spa Saint Johns because I’m always happy to be there. Of course I am a bit atypical around there, being the only one not getting hooked up to a bag of poison that is going to make me sick in hopes of making me healthy. Instead, I get hooked up to bag of liquid gold (at least it should be for how much it costs!), enjoy a warm blanket (truly a pleasure in life I didn’t know existed until this all started) while lounging in my heated recliner. I order lunch, which is surprisingly delicious and is brought to me by my own private server nurse. I spend my time reading a book, listening to my ipod, browsing the internet, and chatting with my friends at the Cancer Center. And sometimes, I get extra lucky and my view includesand my handsome hubby’s face. Of course there’s a long list of things that I would rather be doing than hanging out in a chemo room, especially in the summer, but all in all I have to say it’s not too bad a way to spend a few hours. I love all of the people there and I really have found that it is a relaxing way to spend my Friday afternoon. It is my Spa St. Johns.


2 thoughts on “Spa Saint Johns

  1. You’ve got an amazing outlook on things and I respect that a ton. Thanks for sharing your journey here with us strangers. I’ll be praying for you and I’ll stop reading backwards now in hopes you won’t think I’m a stalker lol. Looking forward to future posts though πŸ™‚

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